Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Pictures

It has been a journey trying to get a good family christmas picture this year. Aubrey never seemed to be interested in cooperating at the right, here is a collection of our "good enough" christmas pictures:

We went to Temple Square a few days ago with Grandma Cori who was here for a while taking care of her mom. It was COLD, but we had a great time and Aubrey got a kick out of all the lights.
Mike, Hunter, Danielle, Kale, Me, Aubrey, Mom & Mikayla
Mikayla tried to keep Hunter in the picture-

Friday, December 14, 2007

A quick catch-up

Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone and I am just now posting some pictures of the family. My sisters came over with their families to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. The kids all looked so cute and they got enough candy to last a year. Good thing they have their parents to help them eat it!

"Aubrey was a little lamb"

The Wheats

The girls and I spent thanksgiving with the Child family while Kale was, of course, in Chicago. We stayed in cabins at Aspen Grove for a few days and had a great time even though we were all battling colds. Mikayla and I even went ice blocking on some ice the guys took from the swimming pool! Mikayla could be found night and day sliding down the stairs on the extra mattresses--that made for some good video to show her dad. It was good to spend some time with extended family that we don't get to see very often. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! We had a blast.

I had to try it out a couple of times.

Aubrey spending some quality time with Grandpa Child.

Thanksgiving Day Bingo

Tanner & Hunter staying up late.

Danielle & I tried to keep warm indoors.

Aubrey is all ready for our walk to the lodge for some Thanksgiving turkey!

Now, we are on to the Christmas holiday...and the girls couldn't be happier. I told Kale that we were going to get a reasonably sized christmas tree this year and somehow we came home with a 12-footer. I don't know how he does it....but I caved. It was lots of fun decorating while standing on a ladder :) Thankfully we are all healthy now and are enjoying christmastime!
It took me half of the morning just to get the lights on. (Kale had to do the very top)
Mikayla and Paige decorated the little tree for the girls upstairs.