Saturday, August 30, 2008


We have had such a great summer & I have been feeling guilty for getting so behind on what we've been up to. My excuse for not e-mailing pictures out to family is that I have this blog, but I haven't been keeping up on, we're going to do a little catch-up!

To start off the summer, Mikayla took swimming lessons. She learned to go under the water and swim short distances and she had a really great time. We'll have to take another course level for her to be able to swim on her own, though. Here she is with her goggles on waving to Aubrey & me.

In June, we went with the Wheat's to a carnival at the park by their house. We saw lots of interesting workers (it may be a job requirement to be missing at least 4 teeth) and got tons of cute pictures of the kids.

The 4th of July was a lot of fun, too. Kale & I took the girls to a parade--and we did fireworks that night.

(Mikayla and I decorated her scooter & Aubrey's stroller.)

Later that month we went to the American Fork Canyon for a picnic when Grandma and Grandpa Johansson & the Froebe's were in town. Mikayla & Mason searched for bears while Aubrey & Michael were quite happy to play in the dirt and rocks.

(Poor Aubrey had a run-in with my bed frame & got a nice shiner.)

What would summer be without a few trips to the Thanksgiving Point Farm & Gardens? As usual, the pony ride was the most exciting part for the kids.

Last, but not least, I took the girls to the zoo with my grandparents, aunts, cousins---& their kids. We really should go there more often--it was a lot of fun. Below is a picture of Mikayla with my cousin, Kylie. She was such an amazing help with my girls. Too bad she lives so far away--or I'd hire her every weekend!