Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some highlights from December:

Watching the girls decorate and admire their little upstairs tree.

Aubrey liked it so much she wanted to sleep under it that night:
Taking lots of pictures and trying to get them to both smile naturally at the same time:
(Such a poser)
Making a gingerbread house (I dodged that bullet by pulling out the kit just before leaving to do some shopping--I hear grandma Cori and Papa Craig had quite the mess to clean up....thanks to the sweet little girl pictured above)
Christmas eve at the Wheat's...decorating cookies for Santa:

the nativity:
and opening presents Christmas morning:

But the best part was having my parents here for a while :) My mom spent a lot of time playing with the kids so I could get some extra things done.

Meanwhile, my sweet dad got to work on his "Papa-do" list :)

1. Fix the drapery rod in the guest room. Check.

2. Balance the door to Aubrey's room so it doesn't keep closing. Check.
3. Fix the hardware on the silverware drawer. Check.

4. Secure Mikayla's headboard to the frame. Check.

5. While you're in here....can you hang these??

Love you!!!

Oh. And I turned 31 on Christmas Day, too. We couldn't quite fit that many candles on my little slice of cheesecake, but we tried :)