Sunday, March 29, 2009

My sweet Aubrey

Just over two years ago, our family was blessed with a new little baby girl. Yesterday we celebrated-- Tinkerbell style.

Her birthday was on Thursday, but the party was scheduled for Saturday so that we could celebrate with family. She knew she was having a party soon, so she was VERY excited when I got her up from her nap and took her downstairs where I had spent the last 1 1/2 hours decorating and frosting cupcakes--"Aubrey party, Aubrey party". She even took the time to take a bunch of pictures for her mom. Isn't that nice of her?

This little girl brings such joy to our family. You know--the kind of joy that feels your heart so full you think it may burst. Here are some of the little things I adore about her:

1. She is my good little helper. She's always the first to respond when I say it's time to clean up. The other day, she and I were playing Polly Pocket before naptime. When I decided it was time for bed, I picked her up and started walking out of the room. She surprised me when she said, "Mommy. Clean up."

2. She is very tender and loving. She has genuine concern for others when they are sad or hurt.

3. She says the funniest things. The other day I was changing her diaper and she looks at me and says, "Have mercy". WHAT? I laughed so hard. I guess she's picking up a few one-liners from watching Full House. (You know---Uncle Jessie).

4. She adores her whole family...especially her big sister. Watching the two of them together is good for my heart.

5. She always wakes up happy and smiling. Whether it's in the morning or after nap, she smiles and says, "good morning!".
6. She just makes me smile.

7. Her giggle is infectious.
8. She loves to cuddle. When she gives hugs, she always rubs and pats my back.

I love you my sweet Aubrey-bug! I'm so glad Heavenly Father sent you to our family--

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank you Melinda!

I have the sweetest friend ever! My cold from last week took a turn for the worse on Saturday when Kale left for Georgia, and my dear friend Melinda has been so good to me--I just have to brag about her. It was clear early Sunday morning that I had an ear infection, and as I was loading up my kids in the car to come with me to an urgent care clinic, she came running across the street, scooped Aubrey from my arms and took both girls to her house for nearly the entire day. She made us dinner and then insisted on having them over again this morning before Kindergarten starts so I could get some rest (I'm still so sick....??). Isn't she the best? As if she doesn't already have her hands full with her own 6 kids. Thanks, Melinda! I'm so lucky to have a friend like you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring is coming soon so I've been making extra time to play in the snow while we still have it. Even as I type, I can hear snow melting off of the roof and the backyard is nearly all grass again. Mikayla would spend all day outside sledding if I would let her...but Aubrey had a different feeling about it: "No yike it" and ""is cody face" (it's cold on my face). She prefers to just walk around in it.
**I can't figure out how to get the video of the kids sledding (below) to work in this post. Any ideas?**
Grandma Debbie came along too!