Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not much new to report--just snow, snow and more snow. Kale was in Boston when we had the worst storm yet--last Sunday we had so much white stuff dropped in our neighborhood that church was cancelled! The girls and I watched out the window from upstairs as a dozen men walked from house to house with snow blowers and shovels to help out poor women like me who would have otherwise been snowed-in. Thanks Eric and Brother Farmer (and son) for all your help!

Yeah! I can get out of my driveway!

Here's what else is new in the Mount household:

Mikayla is learning how to read in preschool and she is VERY excited about it. One of her favorite things to do is play outside in the backyard where we have a huge pile of dirt (that is now covered in snow, of course) and sled down it...backwards. The kid has no fear....until she gets hurt.
Aubrey is crawling all over the place and she doesn't want anything to do with baby food anymore. She only wants to eat what the rest of us are eating (cheese is currently her favorite food next to ice cream). The most exciting thing is that she has started signing and talking. She can sign "milk" and "more" and she says "hi" everytime she waves (which is whenever anyone walks into the room). She also says "dad" and she points at everything and say's "what's that" (although it sounds more like "uh-dat"). Not bad for a 10 month old :)
Kale is travelling a lot right now. Boston last weekend, Las Vegas this weekend, and a few days in Chicago before the month is over. We really miss him when he's gone--but we get to talk to him whenever we want, and we appreciate how hard he works to provide such a wonderful life for us.
I am back in school 2 day's a week. Someday I'll finish. Someday. For now, the time away from being Mom is actually quite relaxing. Getting papers written and presentations prepared while taking care of kids during the day is another story....
I'll have some new pictures to post as soon as I can get them off my camera. I seem to be having some technical difficulties....