Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The things we do for our kids...

Last night we went to the Thanksgiving Point annual summer jello fight. Mikayla has been looking forward to it since school got out, so we packed some sandwiches and headed off. I had no idea what to expect and as it turns out, we were very unprepared. It was one of the funniest/strangest things I have ever seen: Boys and girls, men and women all digging into buckets of jello and throwing it at eachother. It was hilarious! Mikayla and Aubrey were a bit timid, but they got in there and got a little messy:

Aubrey decided that she did not like it, after all. You can't really hear her, but she's crying "No like it!!" and I am backing up from her to keep her from putting her sticky little hands on me :)

The best part is that afterwards, they turn on the sprinklers and everyone runs around and rinses off. Too funny.

I, of course, stayed a safe distance from all the craziness and just used the zoom on my camera. Wouldn't you?