Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a quick catch-up:
The holidays came and went quickly, but with lots of fun memories made. Christmas eve was celebrated here at our house with lots of activity and family. Here are the kids decorating cookies for Santa--

and opening some gifts--

and acting out the Nativity-- (Aubrey was an angel, Hunter was a wiseman, Mikayla was Mary and Papa Craig played the part of Joseph---per Mikayla's request. Shea was an angel with Aubrey)

Then, we had a relaxing Christmas morning all warm in our house while it was a blizzard outside.
Here's Aubrey finishing up the cookies that Santa left behind--

waiting for Daddy--

and opening up presents!

While my parents were in town, we went to see the lights at Temple Square:

Then, for New Years we had more family and friends over. Mikayla's friend Paige came for a "late over" (I don't do sleep-overs yet) and I moved the clocks ahead 3 hours so the kids could celebrate the new year before bedtime :)

Gotta run...I still have some reading to do before class today.