Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I sat here in front of my computer contemplating a recap post--for about a second--before deciding to just pick up right where we are. So--this week began school for the girls! Mikayla and I had a girl's afternoon out to do some last minute shopping (because we still hadn't found the perfect backpack) and hanging out just the two of us. There was ice cream involved, too...(of course!)

Some shoes and accessories--and we were set.

Aubrey has been asking me every morning for the last two weeks if that day was the first day of preschool. Finally on Monday, the answer was yes! Here's my cute 3-year-old next to her cubby

...and next to all the daily charts. She did such a great job making new friends and following all the rules--I'm so proud :)

Mikayla started 2nd grade just this morning at our brand new school--Traverse Mountain Elementary (yay!). I had strict instructions not to make a big deal when she left with her friends to walk to school, so I did my best (but it was hard).
Isn't she beautiful? I'm the luckiest mom :)