Friday, January 7, 2011

I'd love to say that our Christmas season went off without a hitch...but I'd be lying. The truth is, we had some chaos--but all in all, we made some pretty wonderful memories. Like baking cookies and watching movies and just hanging around in our jammies.

Oh...and shoveling snow. (I bet you remember that part the best, Dad)

and Aubrey seeing Santa at our church Christmas party was pretty fun, too. (Luckily Mikayla was discrete when she informed me that this was definitely not the real Santa). At first Aubrey was adamant that she was not going to go up and see him. No way. Not going to happen.

"I'm staying way back here where he can't even see me"

Well, it doesn't look too bad. Maybe I'll take a closer look.

Hmm. I guess it couldn't hurt to simply say hello to the guy. It's sort of scary, though, so funny faces are definitely in order to mask the nerves while waiting in line.

What do you know? Santa's not so bad after all.

I'd say she rather likes him.

A few days later we made time to go to the mall where the real Santa Claus is so that the girls could tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Imagine my surprise (is that really the right word??) when Mikayla told him she wanted a classroom size whiteboard. That's a pretty tall order. Luckily Santa can just whip one up in his shop with all that help from his elves. No sweat for me, right? Right.

When Christmas morning arrived, the girls were not disappointed. Santa delivered and we had a great morning opening presents and being together.

All Aubrey wanted this year was the "Tangled hair"--from the Rapunzel movie. Unfortunately it only took a matter of 5 minutes for it to become exactly that: tangled.
...and is Mikayla with her whiteboard. She can play school to her hearts content (along with half of the neighborhood). :)

Is it okay to say that I'm sort of glad to just have survived the holidays? Now--on to the new year!